CHOW is an organization of culinary and hospitality staff working to nourish their lives inside and outside of the kitchen.

We believe in a future where our community never loses another person to addiction, suicide or mental illness again. And it starts with talking.

We create safe and supportive opportunities for the industry to connect and discuss problems they’re facing with people who get it.


take care of the people who care for us

Anyone who’s dined in a restaurant has tasted hospitality. From servers and bartenders to dishwashers and chefs, each person working in a restaurant gives their all to make guests feel welcome, cared for and nourished.
Our mission is to return the favor. To care for the people who take such good care of us. To provide a place for restaurant staff to feel supported, heard and appreciated. To facilitate gatherings where we can build meaningful connections with folks who “get it.” To lift each other up so we don’t lose anyone else to suicide, addiction or struggles surrounding mental health.


Work/Life Balance is a bit of a buzz phrase these days, but it’s definitely for a reason — the high-stress demands of today’s working world are a lot for any one person to manage. Nowhere is this more apparent than within our industry. The odd hours, heavy competition and dedication to the craft lead many down a destructive path, and the repercussions are pervasive within our industry. We’re working to encourage people within the industry to find hobbies, explore healthy habits and live full lives outside of work.

change the kitchen conversation

Whether you work front or back of house, you already know that the culinary hospitality industry is tough. It’s competitive, grueling and traditionally championed as “tough as nails” or “dog eat dog.” But, it doesn’t have to be.
We’re aware that we can’t change kitchen culture overnight,  but we also know that change starts with conversation. By hosting meetings and online discussion groups, we hope that people within this industry will learn that they aren’t alone in the issues they face. And support is there when it’s needed.

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