Our Welcome to You.


Hello food hospitality community - chefs, servers, owners, suppliers, farmers, writers.

CHOW is about us helping us.

If that means quitting something, it’s quitting self-destruction. Quitting all that we do crazier than other people: drink or drug, work or worry, depress or die.

If that means starting something, it’s starting to help each other take back our lives. Starting a new path towards self realization and care over criticism and harm.

This group is a safe place to come and share. To find support, to hear new ideas, to create a community. We don’t need you to be sober or spiritual or even working towards that. We just need you to want to take better care of yourself and the people around you— no matter what that looks like.

We work in a dangerous profession. There aren’t too many like it. (Perhaps firefighting and rock ’n’ rolling come close) It can suck out every ounce of your soul. We generally don’t do neutral — it’s either full throttle forward or full throttle reverse. Our list is less “to do” that just “DO. DO. DO.”

Sure, we cook great meals or make contented tables, but it’s often mere “more, more, more; now, now, now.” 

This group can help each of us slow that down, take a pause, reconsider what matters. Come join us.